Hi there,  

I will tell how it all began. I believe that each one of us has a  special talent we are born with. Somewhere inside, we have something  that we unleash at a certain point of our lives.  

When we were younger, Me and Emmie, we were really dexterous both of us.  We used to make some beautiful items out of various and strange  materials. Necklaces, bracelets, paintings and all kind of handmade  stuff. Right in front of our flat, we made our first stall where we  started our first business project at the age of 12. We were pretty  successful, though :) You know that when it comes to presents, sometimes  it is really hard to be creative, so our neighbours were really glad  that they had us in front of their homes. They bought gifts for their  daughters, wives, relatives.  

About the candle - holders, the idea came long after those younger days.  Here in Bulgaria, we have such a beatiful mountains. Rila, Pirin, Stara  planina, all of them are different from each other and gorgeous. I  strongly advise you to come see Bulgarian nature if it happens you to be  around. Anyways,  we used to camp up there or stay in one of the huts  for the night. During one of those magical evenings, we placed the fire  relatively near one of the tents. Me and Emmie were sitting beside the  fire and in front of was one of our friends with the fire in between. At  one point he turned his head and his profile was projected to the tent  behind him. It was really funny, so we came up with a game we can play  at this very moment. One of us is making a posture with his/her body or  hands and we had to figure out what it is, looking only into the  projection on the tent.  

Couple of weeks after this funny evening, we remembered this moment and  came up with an idea. How cool it will be if we create something which  can pass a message the people we love, using a candle and focus. So,  here it is, our Magic Candle - holder.  

Here we would like to thank Etsy for giving us the opportunity to be ¬†back in the business with handmade gifts, becoming our modern ‚Äústall in ¬†front of our flat‚ÄĚ. ¬†

Thank you very much for your attention and we hope that we will help you be creative with your gifts!  

MagicWoOod Crew